A half-day experience for everyone who is curious about the Icelandic horse and North Sweden’s lifestyle. After everyone has got their equipment, you will learn how to prepare your horse for the ride: brushing, picking hooves, saddling… When all horses are ready, your guide will give you her instructions for the ride, help you mount your horse, and then off you go for 2 hours in the snowy forest! Our energetic horses will lead you along the Natural Reserve (Svansele Dammängar naturreservat), where in the past farmers invented a way to use ice and water for irrigating, fertilizing and cleaning the area. Feeling the horse’s walk through the pine trees, tölting on fresh snow… a great experience for the adventurers!

After the ride and when our horses are back to the field, we gather around the fire at the farm for a warm lunch.

Duration : 4 hours, including 2 hours on horseback, preparation of the horses and lunch

Level : Good physical condition

Minimum age : 8 years old

Number of participants : from 2 to 5

Price: 1 200 SEK per person, lunch included

Maximum weigh: 90 kg / Cold limit: -25°C 

We provide a helmet and a warm overall if needed.