Tour dates and availability

Here you can find all the long tours that are already planned, as well as availibilty for each tour.

Do not hesitate to ask us for new dates, whether to organise one of our existing programs or for a tailor-made holiday.

Please note that we do not organise any tour between the 10th April and the 31st May, so the horses can rest while the snow is melting and the grounds are drying.

Winter 2020-2021

16-20 December 2020Winter riding adventure4 places left
27 Dec 2020 - 2 Jan 2021Frozen New YearFull
6-10 January 2021Winter riding adventure2 places left
24-28 February 2021Winter riding adventure1 place left
17-21 March 2021Winter riding adventure2 places left
24-28 March 2021Winter riding adventure4 places left

Summer 2021

23-29 June 2021Midsummer ride2 places left
4-11 July 2021Between lakes and forests3 places left
13-19 July 2021Horses and Taiga1 place left
7-13 August 2021Horses and Taiga2 places left
14-21 August 2021Between lakes and forests2 places left