Winter adventure

Let’s go for a whole-day adventure! After meeting your new 4-legged friend and preparing him, we will mount and ride directly in the boreal forest, all covered with snow. During the day you will have the chance to discover the special features of Lapland: its fauna, its flora and its special atmosphere. For lunch, we will make a break in the forest where the horses will be able to rest while we are enjoying simple food cooked on a wood fire.

No better way to discover the taiga than with the four gaits of a steady Icelandic horse!

Duration : 6 hours, including 4 hours on horseback

Level : Comfortable in all gaits

Minimum age : 11 years old

Number of participants : from 2 to 5

Price: 1 800 SEK per person, lunch included

Maximum weigh: 90 kg / Cold limit: -20°C

We provide a helmet and a warm overall if needed.