No hoof, no horse!

I, Rianne, offer my services as a barefoot trimmer.

I have been trimming horses for 10 years now, mostly in the Netherlands, before I moved to Västerbotten.
I work in a calm and positive way where the comfort of the horse is of the utmost importance.

According to Swedish legislation, I am not allowed to operate horses that are sick, under sedation or on pain relief without permission from the Veterinarian.

Services & Prices

Hoof care

Horse 500 SEK

Heavy horse 750 SEK

Taking off shoes 50 SEK per hoof


Driving from Svansele (Norsjö kommun) 40 SEK per 10 km. I try to group customers so that you can share the driving costs.


I want a clean and dry horse when I arrive. As well as a flat, lit place protected from the elements when I work.

Payment on site by Swish


Booking by email: riannekindt[at]