Horses of Taiga, it’s a life project. Our aim: make everyone discover this wonderful polar region, on gentle Icelandic horses and in total respect of nature and local people.

A life goal we wish to share with as many earthlings as possible!


Our little extras?

-> Quiet and wilderness: our area is far away from the busy touristic places. When on the trails we have truely more chances to meet a reindeer or a moose than another human.

-> Small groups: never more than 5 persons at the time!

-> A professional horse riding guide, with more than 10 years experience

-> Local, organic and personalized meals prepared just for you.

And moreover…

We care!

Sustainable tourism is the only way for us, no other way is imaginable. Without social justice, reasonable economy and a preserved environment, tourism will not be possible in the future. Thus, as a player in the tourism sector, we must work together with our partners and guests to make the negative impact of our activities as small as possible. Below you can read about how we work for a more sustainable tourism.

  • We avoid contributing to unnecessary gas emissions and pollution.
  • Our activities are conducted in such a way that they do not harm the environment or disturb wildlife. We do not include motorized activities in the experiences we offer and all paths we use during our trips we have received permission to use by the respective landowners.
  • All waste from our operations is handled properly. We sort packaging, compost and recycle to a very high degree.
  • We promote the local area and work with locals. Our partners and providers are local companies.
  • On some of our tours you can visit a Sami family and with us you will have the chance to learn all about the specificities of this aboriginal people and its history.
  • The size of the groups is limited to 5 persons in order to minimize the impact on the surroundings.
  • We encourage everyone around us to travel and work in a sustainable way. Because it will only make our lives better!
  • We stay up to date and regularly participate in education on quality and sustainability.
  • Our company fulfills the regulations of tourist enterprises, especially the ones regarding the environment, wildlife, archeological inheritance, and social security.
  • We promote local traditions by serving and telling about local meals. We prioritize locally produced raw materials and try to include local crafts in our business and everyday life.
  • We care for our animals so that they are always healthy and socially happy. They live outdoor and as a herd all year round, are fed according to individual needs and receive medical care every time it is needed.
  • Our animals are family members. It is important to us that they are healthy and happy and therefore we make sure that they get the care they need. The horses are fed according to individual needs and they can go outside in a herd all year round, just as it should be!

Since 2021, we are proud to have been accorded the quality label Nature’s Best, label that shows the way to Sweden’s premier organizers of Swedish ecotourism.

Nature’s Best’s six basic principals:

1. Respect the limitations of the destination – minimize the negative impacts on local nature and culture

2. Support the local economy

3. Make all the operator’s activities environmentally sustainable

4. Contribute actively to nature and cultural conservation

5. Promote knowledge and respect and the joy of discovery

6. Quality and safety all the way

Horses of Taiga is an official Västerbotten Experience. It ensures you’ll get the most genuine of the Västerbotten culture and nature. It is a quality sign that guarantees that an area in Västerbotten will provide you with all of the above: accommodation, food and activities according to your wishes.

As a Västerbotten Experience, our business is based on sustainability in all stages. And always characterized by Västerbotten’s lifestyle and hospitality. Look out for the Västerbotten Experience sign when planning your trip. Read more about Västerbotten Experience on vasterbottenexperience.se.

Horses of Taiga is a member of Naturturismföretagen as well as the Swedish Icelandic Horse Association.

We are part of the destinations Gold of Lapland, Visit Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland.