Horses of Taiga’s team has a constant: me, Floriane. you can call me Flo!

For every season I will also get help from one or two persons that feel like sharing the adventure for a few months.


I have always been fond of horses. I started riding in my home country, France, when I was 6 years old, and haven’t stopped ever since!

My first job, when I was 16, was already with horses. I spent my summer holidays riding and taking care of the horses for a famous leisure park. For 5 years, I was also a volunteer rider for the night show there.

After my studies I flew to Finland, where I found my calling in life: guiding. Indeed after accompanying a few groups for a hike or to observe bears in the wilderness, I came to like entertaining and making people discover the beauty of nature a lot. So it was time I realized one of my childhood dreams: working with sled dogs in Finnish Lapland.

After a long winter season, it was time to realize another dream. Still guiding – this is definitely what I wanted to do – but this time in Iceland, with horses. In the South of the country, I discovered the Icelandic horse and all its characteristics. Then came North Iceland, where I was responsible for another horse riding tour stables. A wonderful adventure that will lead to another: Sweden and Horses of Taiga!


Little, Michael has always dreamt of being a chef. And that dream came true as soon as he finished school. First at a hotel’s restaurant, life then lead him to his aunt’s Icelandic horse farm. There he cooked for the guests but also guided short riding tours and took care of the horses. The farrier there was used to shoe horses in Iceland during summer. That was Michael’s next destination.

In Iceland, Michael truly becomes multi-talented, as the tough Icelandic lifestyle requires. He was still a cook and a guide, but also a bus driver, and got more and more comfortable in shoeing horses. It is of course without talking about all the necessary tasks required when you work with animals: building fences, taking care of all kinds of equipment, renovating building… He enjoyed the diversity of work there for almost seven years, sometimes coming back to Sweden in between, when the Icelandic winters slow down the tourist season. In his home country he got to cook for various kinds of guests such as school children and members of a golf club.

After a few years he moved to the North of Iceland and enjoyed the multi-tasking a lot there too. A few years later he is back in his home country and still enjoys both cooking and working with horses!