Midsummer ride

7 days & 6 nights

A very special holiday to celebrate the longest days of the year, the Swedish way!

During this unique holiday we offer you:

  • An evening ride on one of the longest days of the year
  • To participate to the traditional celebration of “Midsommar” in a small Swedish village
  • Various activities which will make you feel the Swedish summer spirit: cani-hiking, swim in a lake…

Day-by-day program


Arrival at Skellefteå Airport or Jörn Train Station. We pick you up and drive you to your accommodation.

If you come by train, a free ride is offered to you this afternoon!

We all meet during a nice dinner and we present the next 5 days to you. Night in the guest house.


Breakfast at the guest house. Time to get energy for one of the longest days of the year! Today, the sun will rise at 1:47 and set at 23:28. Let’s just say that we won’t see any night!
For this first day of activity you will discover the Icelandic horses. We will introduce them to you, tell you a bit more about their specificities, then you will get to know your companions for the next days during a short ride in the nature.
In the afternoon it is in company of other animals that we will discover the taiga: sled dogs. Fabien will introduce you to his friendly huskies before we go for a 2-hour “cani-hike” in the forest.
In the evening, it is a very special ride that awaits us. We leave in the early evening with our dinner packed in our saddle bags. On the way and during our break on the shores of a lake we will be able to admire the very unique light of Swedish Lapland’s summer “nights”.
Night at the guest house.


Today is “Midsommarafton”, time for celebration! Everywhere in the Swedish countryside, whole families gather to celebrate this traditional high-point of the summer.
We drive to Norsjö, where people celebrate the day the same way as their ancestors did generations ago. We admire the dances in traditional clothes, share an animated lunch with the locals and dance around the maypole as tradition requires.
Dinner and night at the guest house.


Breakfast at the guest house.

We now go for a 3-day adventure! After breakfast we head up to the stables where we prepare our horses for the tour. When the horses are saddled, the lunch packed and the riders ready, we can start our long ride in the wilderness. In the forest, around beautiful lakes… our gentle horses will bring us to various peaceful places.

After the ride we stop at Petikträsk, a wilderness camp on the shore of a beautiful lake. We cook our dinner on place around an open fire. We spend the night in the little wooden cabin.


After a breakfast by the lake, we leave for a new riding day, discovering Lapland. We ride along the Skellefteälven river for most of the day, alternating between walk, long tölts and vigorous gallops. We have lunch by the river before heading back to our next camp: Dragnäs.

Tonight we sleep in a barn in the middle of the forest! Relaxation around the fire and walks in the surroundings, fika and dinner … enough to recharge our batteries.


Last breakfast in the woods. After saddling the horses, we ride towards home through marshy areas and between charming small lakes.
Once back at the stables we thank our horses and let them rest after this adventure. We certainly also need a rest ourselves, which we take at the guest house around a filling dinner.
Night at the guest house.


After breakfast, we drive you to Skellefteå Airport or Jörn Train Station so you can take your transportation to Stockholm with lots of beautiful memories!

Group: From 2 to 4 persons
Level: For Everyone
Age: 8 years old minimum
Dates: 23rd to 29th June 2021


10 350 SEK (ca. 1 030€)/ person
Midsummer ride
  • All the meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 7
  • Guiding for the rides and visits
  • Transportation to the activities
  • Guest-house accommodation in a twin or double room
  • Possibility to borrow a riding helmet
  • If you come to us by train, we offer you an extra ride on Day 1!
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